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Summer Work - Phase Two

We had a great break with the folks in Comox. Mom reminded us about our old collection of vintage travel pennants. We got down in the crawl space and hauled out some old, musty boxes and found them!

I set up a whole production line for cleaning the 27 old pennants. They were smelly and wrinkled after many moons in storage. As Airforce brats we traveled a lot because we moved a lot. Going through them all really brought back some fantastic old memories. They will make a great addition to our final phase interior decoration.

Unca Tim kept very busy with fixing Ye Olde Camper. Poor dude - the list seemed endless. I kept the beer supply flowing!

I kept working on all the details and cleaning jobs. These old tires are huge. Tim said they are old truck tires. They are in fairly decent condition, so I decided to add some colour to the rims. I just used spray paint for metal. Worked really well.

This dandy little Thetford toilet came with the camper - but it was never installed. I was on the phone an awful lot to find a suitable black water tank to use for installing it properly. Found one and Unca Tim got it all in.

This was the original flooring and broken black water tank that was removed. Yuck.

Once the toilet was all set, Unca Tim worked his plumbing magic on the rest of the camper's water supplies. I cleaned up the old fresh water tank by cleaning it out with a bleach and water mixture. The original hot water tank was also cleaned out and re-installed. Yay for Unca Tim!

The final job that Unca Tim could finish before heading home for the rest of the summer was all the electrics. He just knows how to do anything! He pulled out a ton of useless old wiring and replaced what was needed with all new connections.

When the camper was finally lit up we were so happy! It was sad to see him go, but I will always be so appreciative of all the hard work and sweat that Unca Tim put into our old camper. Could not have gotten this far without him. Thanks Unca Tim!

Stay tuned for more!

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