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Summer Ends - and so does Camper work

Well, the long, hot summer simmered on, and all I seemed to be able to do before my son had to get back to school was clean up the outdoor work area around the camper after all the work that was done by myself and Unca Tim.

Our dog Jiminy was always close by while work was ongoing. It was mostly too hot for our older dog, Jango, to hang around outside.

So the camper was all tarped up for the fall and winter. I knew I wouldn't be able to focus on all the interior work that needed to be done until Spring of 2018. That is definitely a draw back of working on a camper in the outdoors during a wet British Columbia winter.

At Christmas time the camper looked cozy enough under her tarp. It was hard to imagine the searing heat that Unca Tim and I worked hard through only a few months ago. Next year I hope to post a cute photo of the Ye Olde Camper all bedecked in twinkle lights and beaming warmth from inside where we'll be hanging out!

Stay tuned for more work posts come Spring!

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