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I am a Freelance Journalist reporting on the world we live in and how Vancouver figures in it.

Investigative, Community, Cultural, Tech and Eco-Awareness stories are my passion; in print, online and on-air.

I Buried my Heart at Standing Rock


Featured Story

I buried my heart at Standing Rock because I am a human being and our natural resources are at perilous risk. I saw the unflagging commitment of hundreds to protect the water of the Missouri River, which provides basic drinking water, irrigation and life to millions of people in the dry heartland of America. The North Dakota Access Pipeline with its 3.8 billion dollar price tag has stubbornly dug in its heels and refuses to be moved. I left the Water Protectors with clothing, camp chairs, candles and my prayers. I didn’t come home heavy hearted – because my heart is still there.

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A Global Village


                   Featured Story

South African Firefighters fly to 
Canada to bring much

needed help for 
the Fort McMurray Firefighters.

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