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About Me 

Deborah comes to journalism from a theater and voice-over career. As an actor, producer and playwright she found her voice in championing women's points of view.

Deborah studied journalism at the B.C. Institute of Technology.

The groundbreaking Radio Documentary, "Behind the Queens", created with fellow journalist Zack Singer, was aired on the Internationally renowned radio station This Way Out.

Deborah has been published in The Link Magazine, had For the Record one on one interviews aired on Evolution Radio and has multiple credits as an actor and voice over artist in feature films, TV and animation.

The four years spent working for Century 21 Realtor, Gerry Gramek, were the cornerstone for her Marketing and Social Media accomplishments. Gerry's website became the #1 most visited in all of Century 21's B.C. Realtors due to Deborah's engaging writing and customer outreach.

"In my view, she possesses a strong awareness of what makes a good story for broadcast and she can envision the execution of those stories from initiation, through to completion.

Deborah also possesses an amicability and skill with people that immediately made her an absolute pleasure. Whatever the task or assignment, she executed it with eagerness, aptitude and a positive attitude.

Deborah also shows a strong inclination toward script writing, which she contributed regularly to the broadcast.  Her scripts showed correct grammatical style with a descriptive flair. She has much to contribute to our field and any news organization would greatly benefit from her talents."

Jeff Stamp, Producer, Global TV

 "Deb has been my assistant for 4 years now, and from the first time we met I knew we were cut from the same cloth. As a busy Realtor it's important to have a kind or short hand with your assistant and we have always had that in spades, along with a fun repartee.

I'm the type of guy who basically had the computer world thrust upon him, so it was a great relief to have Deb take over most of that for me. Indeed, someone to manage 2 websites, write my blogs, organize 3 email addresses and set me up in the marketing arena of Social Media.

Just last year, my website was listed as the most visited out of all of the Century 21 agents in B.C. I really have to credit her for that.

A talent I didn't know would come in so handy for us was Deb's professional experience in her voice work. She handily creates all the Visual Tours of my new listings, complete with photos and great voice-over. She edits, chooses the music, researches about the neighborhood and posts them on my websites. They are very pro­fessional looking and sounding."


Gerry Gramek, Realtor, Century 21 Vancouver

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