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The Eagle Has Landed

Finally! We got the camper parked in its backyard landing site. Also, my very talented younger brother, Tim, has come to start opening up the tin ends of the camper skin to remove and replace all the water damaged wood. He's a mechanic by trade, but he's handy with almost everything. Great guy to have around.

Tim got to work right away taking off trim and tin panels to get to that old wood in the frame. We loaded up on supplies: plywood, lauan paneling, screws and beer!

It was hot but work went on everyday. Unca Tim really knew what he was doing. Thank goodness!

More water damaged wood came out and new plywood and paneling went in. Even some of the plywood sub-flooring had to go, but Unca Tim readily replaced it with re-inforcements.

As trim came off, it was my job to scrape off all the old butyl tape and gunk and give all the pieces of trim and tin skin a really good scrub in preparation for replacing.

It was hard to believe that 3 weeks had passed with us working and having BBQ's to beat the heat. We needed to take a bit of a break and go back to Comox to my parents place for a visit. It was a welcome reprieve.

Stay tuned for continuing Camper to Glamper posts!

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