Old ceiling out - new one in!

The old ceiling had done it's job for many years. And it was so much worse after a wet winter. I had been looking for the original style Snowflake Lauan that was still visible in the tops of the cupboards. And I found it - at Rona. It was $51.00 a sheet - I needed 4. We also grabbed 2 new sheets of the regular Lauan to finish the paneling inside. It was 26.00 a sheet at Rona.

I had saved the old roof sheets for templates. My handy hubby helped me cut it all with pulling chalk lines and using a great portable hand saw. My new favourite tool. With his help it only took us an afternoon.

The Snowflake is really just a thin white textured vinyl sheet adhered to a sheet of thin Lauan paneling. It is wipe-able and a super light weight. Always a concern for my camper.

We used a power staple gun to attach it to the roof and the chalk lines are going to be covered but a bunch of wooden battens that he made for me and painted white. Great guy. A keeper.

The end result was perfect. I'll be covering all the edges with white rubber quarter round - also found at Rona. That will be on all ceiling edges, floor edges and wall corners. Saving my pennies now....

Stay tuned for more interior work!

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