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Spring Has Sprung!

Well Spring may have sprung, but so did my camper spring a leak or 5 over the winter. Boo. The tarp got holes torn in it from the pointy edges of the camper top trim and there was a bunch of evidence of water ingress.

Okay, I just have to put on my big girl panties and get to work! So I sprayed all the mold with a bleach and water mixture. I'd let it dry and scrub and spray it again until it was pretty much gone. Compared to the years of water damage that this old girl has endured, this will be but a blip on the screen.

The next step was to take apart the tine sides again and re-wrap. Unca Tim didn't want to disturb the edging around the roof - but now I had to. We had some tin break down at the front edge from bending it up. I had to go online and look for some solutions. I was on my own now!

You can see how beat up the edges already were. Well, you can't wreck ugly, but you can wrap it up tight and hope the paint makes it purty.

I discovered the right solution for me. That white tape is called Seal Tite. This is the tutorial I watched to learn how to use it: Seal Tite Tutorial. The other side of the tape is a super duper sticky gray goo that can never be removed! It seals everything water tight. I don't intend on doing all this again anytime soon, so I made the choice to be safe now. I'm no pro - but my camper was totally leak-free when I finished covering all of the seams. I did a water test to be sure with the garden hose.

I even got up under the tire well and re-wrapped all that old metal in with the tin.

This is the curb side roof trim off. Once it was all cleaned and scrubbed, I put the trim back on with a bead of Butyl Caulking - yes - it's a thing! May just come by a different name at your RV supplier. My go-to RV supplier is Travco in Burnaby. I also made sure to get some good hex-head stainless steel screws that would stand up to the elements.

I got very handy with the compressor staple gun. Brilliant thing. Became a half decent tin-smithy too.

Stay tuned for the next step!

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