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Ready to floor you!

I was originally going to use vintage style foot square tiles in an old harvest gold colour to match the oven, stove top and vent. Then I couldn't find what I wanted and was also concerned about the extra weight of those heavy tiles. I ran across another great camper reno blog called Mrs. Padillys' Travels and found my solution.

But first the prep...

I figured out the square footage by going to an online flooring supplier and used their calculator to subtract my negative areas.

I had to sand all of the existing sub floor with a rotary sander. Great tool. I had a lot of residual glue and fiber from my old vinyl sheet flooring to sand down. Then I had a few patches of plywood that needed some filling. Mostly by the door. I used Bondo, which dries super fast, and sanded it smooth. I vacuumed and had a damp cloth beside me to wipe the floor I was about to lay a tile on.

I had to order the flooring online through Walmart US, because I couldn't find it in Canada. Crazy. After talking to a representative and using a PayPal account, I was able to get it sent to the Walmart in Bellingham. The product is called Nexus 6"x 36" Self Adhesive Vinyl Floor Planks - 10 Planks/15 sq Ft. per box. I used 5 boxes and the total was around $90 Cdn. Totally worth it.

The final result was great. The peel and stick tiles were very light and I could cut them with a good exacto knife and a straight edge. I first pulled a chalk line down the center of the floor to keep it all straight. I jogged them by laying one full length - 36" - and then cutting the one beside it in half.I finished at 1 am! It was raining and dark out by that time and both dogs had gone inside to bed. I was determined!

Next up - finishing the interior....stay tuned!

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